Buckets and Pipelines

There is a great business parable that tells a story about two young men who took jobs transferring water by bucket from a stream to a town. One of the young men was happy to do the work because he was paid immediately, and well.  The other young man was dissatisfied and became determined to find a way to get paid without the requirement of the daily manual labor. The story goes on to tell how the dissatisfied young man conceived a plan to build a pipeline so that the water could be transported without the daily manual labor. When the two discussed the idea, the uninspired and content young man laughed at the idea and decided to pass on the project. The industrious young man was undeterred and began working; by day carrying water and moonlighting building the pipeline.

While the content man lived an apparently comfortable life the toll of the daily labor slowly wore at him.  The fatigue was disregarded because of the soon realized pay for his work.  However, after a period of years the pipeline was finished.  The industrious young man realized the fruit of his investment and the other young man continued his routine march.  The lesson of the parable was one man became rich and the other man eventually became tired and broken.

At some point in my budding legal career, I realized I was going to have difficulty sustaining the caseload necessary to support myself and my family.  Regardless of the reason, the painful thought of working cases indefinitely prompted my obsession with creating a pipeline.  This blog is dedicated to discussing the ideas and strategies of building pipelines within law firms.

Richard “Bert” Diener

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