Buckets and Pipelines

There is a great business parable that tells a story about two young men who took jobs transferring water by bucket from a stream to a town. One of the young men was happy to do the work because he was paid immediately, and well.  The other young man was dissatisfied and became determined to find a way to get paid without the requirement of the daily manual labor. The story goes on to tell how the dissatisfied young man...

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Systemize Your Workflow

We hear a lot about creating systems. Why is that and what benefit could it possibly have for you? The truth is that no matter what business you are in, you can benefit from spreading work around by creating a system to make tasks easier for your staff to complete. Imagine the original Ford assembly-line and you’re on the right track.

The workflow process progression is to first to...

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The BIG Picture: API's

How do you know you are using the best software to run your practice? If you aren’t currently using any software, how do you choose a solution that will work for you?

Most of us choose software because it promises to be a solution to a problem we are having. Inherent within any vendor’s sales material is a guarantee to deliver you to the promised land (whatever that...

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